Running Man Global Project 2014


Hi Runners,

We need you (all running man’s fans around the world) to fulfill a big project.
For Running Man 4th anniversary, we want to make a international video with the pictures of all Running Man’s fans in the world.

To participate it’s easy, you send a congratulation picture for 4th anniversary here:
In object you put: [RMGlobalProject] Fan from… (Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, etc…)

– You can take your pictures/photos in front a symbol/monument of your country if you want, it’s even better to show that Running Man has fans everywhere in the world.

– The pictures/photos with congratulations messages (on placard, banner, etc…) are better ^__^

– You can also do a video but not too long (15 seconds)

The deadline for sending us the pictures is 1st JULY, 2014 !

The video will be posted on youtube and tweeted to Running Man’s members and SBS !Of course all Running Man’s fans and fanbases can join us and share it !


Also, Running Man France launches the main project of the year 2014!
As you may already know, the show will celebrate its fourth year of existence on July 11th.
Last year, we managed to raise the sum of 320 € thanks to generous donors.

With this money we sent two sprays of flowers and 40kg of rice to SBS on behalf of French fans. It was such a success that the Korean medias spoke about it !

Our project:

– Send a sprays of flowers accompanied by a donation of rice  to people in need in the name of your country if you make a donation.

All Running Man’s fanbases and fans can participate. Your country or fanbase’s name will be in the flowers.

* We are launching our project right now as collecting the donations takes some time.

Any help, no matter how small the donation, it will be helpful. Even €1/$1 can help us achieve our goal.

You can make a donation by PayPal but also by check or even cash if you want.
PayPal is an easy tool; you just need to follow the procedure described below.

It is possible to make a donation by check or cash. To do this, do not hesitate to send us an email at the following

Once the donation made, please send us an email with the subject: « [Donation RM 4th anniversary] Your Country » to confirm and send the amount of your donation.

*Don’t forget the photos of the congratulation video.
You can send them by mail to


* How to donate ?


There are two steps:

Either 1) and 2).

Either 1) and 3).

1) Set the amount you want to give in the square.

2) If you do not have a PayPal account, then, you can directly pay using your credit card (by completing the information request. Please be aware that all payments information you can give on this payment page will not be given to us UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! This remains private between you and PAYPAL!)

3) Use the square connection if you have a PayPal account, and continue the operation of the proposed approach.

The deadline is MONDAY, 1 JULY 2014 to send donations ! 

We count on you Runners. Share maximum !

* The fanbases behind the Project: 

Running Man France @RunningMan_Fr
Global 런닝맨 Fanbase ‏@RunningManVirus
– 런닝맨 FANS @weare_runners
– Gary Fans Indonesia @Gary_Indonesia
– Monday ♥ Couple ‏@mc_garyjihyo
– 런닝맨Running_Man_Bot ‏@Running_Man_Bot
– JihyoFanclub ‏@JihyoFanclub
– RunningMan Indonesia ‏@RunningMan_Indo
– SBS Running Man Book ‏@SBSRMBook
– Intl 유재석 Fans @Yoo_RM
– KangGary Philippines ‏@KangGary_PHL
– 이광수 fans ‏@FramerKwangSoo
RunningManAddiction @runners_addict 
– Runners Jakarta @Runners_JKT

39 réflexions sur “Running Man Global Project 2014

  1. inDEEgo dit :

    Hi, my name is Dian Kurniasari and I’m from Indonesia. I am pleased to participate in your project. Let me in and please make my pictures to be on the project you made. Ill be waiting for the project. Thank you very much !!! 😀

  2. Rhayfa dit :

    I’m in! 🙂
    I just sent the photo to the email. Hope this project will succeed and all rm member/crew make a « thank » message as a reply for this project 😀

  3. Arabfan dit :

    What if we can’t include our face in the photo can we still send one?

  4. Song Ha Young dit :

    i’ve send my picture:) please open it and make my picture to be on your project:D thankyouuu;)

  5. nindia dit :

    i’ve send my picture and video. please open it and make my video and picture to be on the project you made. i’ll be waiting for the project. thanks 😀

  6. nicholas david dit :

    i’am finish..and i have send my 1 picture of me and greeting to running man 😀 thank you

  7. setiawan13DVD dit :

    i’m from indonesia,may i edit my picture with running man member??or must only my picture??please replay

  8. Riiny Alasa dit :

    Hello. Annyeonghaseo.. I’m fans from indonesia.. Can i post the both? Photo congratulation and make an video especially to jong kook oppa?? But jong kook oppa has not account twitter.. Please reply 😉 gomawo..

  9. Lawliet dit :

    can you post the example photo?

  10. nabilahkim9 dit :

    when the video, what should be in front of the monument of the country as well?

  11. Nindia dit :

    my house is far away from any monument in my country. can i do it in my house?? i really wanna join it. by the way, i’m from indonesia 😀

  12. daebk..running man Fighting!!!!

  13. . dit :

    hi Im from the Korea, can I join this??

  14. Lim Zheng Pei dit :

    Hi, I’m the lucky fan who played with Gary on stage in Leessang First Asia Showcase in Malaysia. Can I say that I miss Gary in the video? Very pleased if you could reply me 🙂

  15. Anybody has finishing make an video? (bad english)

    (Fans From Indonesia)

  16. khuniefan dit :

    Hi I’m from Peru, I have many friends from South America and we love Running Man.. we can participate of this project?

  17. yen dit :

    i wanna join!but im not in my country (Philippines) right now so wat can i do?can somebody help me ??

  18. rainbowwong dit :

    I love running man

  19. Runners Jakarta (Indonesia) will join this project too. Running Man FIGHTING !!!


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